Southern California Artist Randall Holbrook

SCA WFB Show with "Strawberry Pickers #2"
with “Strawberry Pickers #2”

I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA, and worked my way south over the years to Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, eventually ending up in San Juan Capistrano where I now live with wife Therése and daughters Camille and Alivia.

Always doodling and cartooning as a kid, my father gave me his old painting box full of oils from his college days that I still use today. On a trip to New York in 1983, a book by Anaïs Nin introduced me to the French Surrealists and the American expatriates in Paris of the 1930s. I was instantly attracted to the genre which is still a strong influence in my work.

Working in the advertising field as a graphic artist and illustrator give rise to the opportunity to use a variety of media and styles, which translates into the paintings: each piece is an exercise in techniques, subject matter, and patience.

I am a member of the Southern California Artists. My art can be found in private collections in California, Hawaii, and Utah.

Southern California Artists

  • Program Director, 2006
  • Webmaster  2007 –
  • Vice President, 2010
  • Treasurer: 2011 –