Change 4 Good Business Card Design

Kerry was looking to enhance her brand with a new modern and clean business card design.

Change 4 Good offers essential services for home & office, such as internet, utilities, and phone service. 

Given a photo and some jpg images as resources, I created individual vector files of the service icons, and retouched and adjusted the color of the photo in addition to the new business card design layout. I think the modern, clean business card design is friendly and provides more visual information than the one she was using. Ed has a card now, too.

The QR Code opens up to an explainer video of their services. 

Through Project Feeding Kids, ACN and Change 4 Good has joined forces with Feeding America and Food Banks Canada and together have a single mission: To fight childhood hunger while empowering families to live healthier lives.

Visit to learn more about the services Ed & Kerry offer.

modern business card
Card Front
modern business card back
Card Back
modern business card photo retouching
Before color correction, retouching
clean business card photo retouching
After color correction, retouching

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